Gullveig is the goddess of healing

Gullveig is a goddess with a great fondness for gold. Her constant chatter about gold irritated the Aesir gods. Gullveig was assaulted in the hall of Odin. She was tortured: repeatedly pierced by spears, and burnt three times in a great fire. Each time, she was reborn.

From the fire, Gullveig was reborn as a witch (fordoeda) named Heid

Bright One they called her, whenever she came to house,
the seers with pleasing prophecies, she charmed them with spells;
she made magic whenever she could, with magic she played with minds,
she was always the favourite of the wicked women.

The dual goddess Gullveig/Heid is sometimes confused with Freyja, who also practised the disreputable kind of magic, seiðr, and her love for gold.